Contact librarians at Ullandhaug

Child care, Social work:
Tone Hafnor
Internal phone: 31139, E-mail:

Hotel, catering and tourism: 

Terje Blåsternes
Internal phone: 31116, E-mail:

Education / Children's literature:  
Geir Strandenæs Larsen
Internal phone: 33093, E-mail:

Grete Mortensen
Internal phone: 31143, E-mail:

Economics, cultural studies and social sciences:

Terje Blåsternes
Internal phone: 31116, E-mail:

Science and technology:
Inger Gåsemyr
Internal phone: 31125, E-mail:
Contact librarian, IER, IEP, Risk Management and Public Safety

Linn Elise Gulliksen
Internal phone: 32348, E-mail:
Contact librarian, IMF, IKBM and Urban Planning.

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