The Library at Ullandhaug is located in Kjølv Egelands' house. It is the biggest library department. You will find many different reading places in the library, and you are welcome to study here day and night.

  • Picture of three students in the library
  • Picture of a mother and her daughter reading in the library
  • Picture of three students in a blue sofa
  • Picture from the Kongsgård lounge
    The Kongsgård lounge is a nice place for reading.

Open day and night

The Library is open day and night for students and staff. To enter when the rest of the building is closed, swipe your student- or staff-ID in the card reader in the entrance closest to the library (on the south side of the building). You will find a map of the entrance here

Reading places and facitilities

At Ullandhaug you find all different kinds of reading places: A quiet zone at the lower ground floor, and group tables, tables for individual work, tables for standing up and sofas on the first floor.

We have blankets and book holders you may borrow. At the reference desk you can borrow iPads and different chargers, and get earplugs for free. There are dispensers with hot and cold water at both floors.

There are several printers in the library. You can use them to print, copy and scan documents. Click here to find out how to print.

At Ullandhaug we have a 3D-lab that students can use for free.

The Kongsgård collection is an area in the library with a special atmosphere. Here you can study or have a break, and feel free to use our massage chair.

Academic collections

The Librarys' collections cover the subject areas at Ullandhaug. By collections we refer to academic books, journals, movies, articles, doctoral- and master's thesis etc.

A lot of useful classes are arranged at Ullandhaug. .

Photo: Marte Pupe Støyva