Digital courses with writing help

Here are some digital courses that introduce different aspects on how to write papers, like searching for relevant literature, evaluating sources and making a bibliography.

Usefull e-resources from The University Library in Stavanger:

The Citation Compass
The Citation Compass gives you an overview on how to create various types of references for your bibliography. It also has useful information about how the references are made in EndNote, and provides a quick introduction to source evaluation.


The Podcast about Academic Writing

Do you want to learn how to become a better student wherever and whenever you want? In this podcasts, you will receive advice about reading, writing and being a student in Norway.  Whether you want to know how to structure your paper, avoid plagiarism or write academically, these podcasts will provide you with the advice and answers you need to be a successful academic writer.

The Academic Writing Podcasts are made by the Stavanger University Library.


Other resources:

Search & Write
An online
course that focuses on literature, writing as a creative process and ethical requirements for writing academic texts. It is made by HIB, NHH and UIB.

An interactive course on information literacy, with an emphasis on writing and searching for information. Made by NTNU.

PhD on Track
This site helps PhD-students facing challenges they may experience in their research; from mapping of research literature to the publication of results.