Publishing platforms for open journals, serials, periodicals and monographs

The University Library is administrator for two platforms dedicated to open access: Open Journal Systems (OJS) og Open Monograph Press (OMP). Those platforms make it easy to establish new open publications and convert established journals and serials or periodicals to OA publications.

Guidelines for using the platforms are under preparation. It will be a demand that all publications have routines for peer review and meet the requirements for scientific publishing at minimum level 1.

Articles are awarded a DOI. This increases visibility online and in search engines, and allows access through important international databases - and thus increased usage.

The library is responsible for administration of the platforms, in cooperation with IT, and will provide training and support for editors and academic environments at UiS. All editorial responsibility remains with the publisher / editor.

Currently, only one journal is published on the OJS server: Journal of Comparative Social Work, which has the Department of Social Studies as publisher. During 2019, more will come, such as AmS-Varia and AmS-Skrifter from the Museum of Archaeology.

We expect Open Monograph Press to start some time during spring 2019, initially for publication of series with serials/periodicals from UiS.

Are you involved in publishing one or more journals, or are you planning to publish a book?

Contact project manager Svanlaug Takle if you are involved in publication of a journal that is open access or is considering going open access, or if you want to publish an e-book.

E-mail: Phone: 51832611.

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