Citavi is a reference management software that helps you sort your references and make a bibliography in Microsoft Word and LaTeX.

You can easily import references from different databases and library catalogues and organize them in groups, for instance based on the outline of your thesis or assignment. Citavi also has a task planner where you can add different tasks with deadlines.

Citavi offers a free version that includes full access to all features of the software until a project reaches 100 references. You can have as many projects as you like. If you need more than 100 references in one project you can buy the full version at discounted prices.

At the moment, Citavi is for PC only, but a web based version that will work for all operating systems is in the works. There is, however, a way to install Citavi on Mac.

You can download Citavi here.

The University library is not offering classes or user help in Citavi, but there is excellent user support on Citavi’s web page.

There is also a manual available with a lot of useful information, included a “Getting started guide” for Citavi 6.

The video Citavi in a Nutshell is also highly recommended.

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