Source evaluation

Can I use this journal article in my paper? Is the publisher of this book acknowledged? Is the information on this website updated? This is typical questions you may ask as a student for evaluating a source you want to use in your studies.

What is source evaluation?

Source evaluation is critically evaluating the different kinds of sources you want to use in your studies or research work. In today's jungle of information we need to filter out a lot of information to find good and relevant literature. Good sources strengthens your work. Which sources are appropriate depends on the subject area and your research.

Different sources

Examples of sources may be books, reports, journal articles, websites, public messages, newspapers, music, maps, interviews or papers

Consider carefully

Once you've searched and found literature you need to look at the sources and critically assess the quality of the information.

Useful web resources on source criticism

There are different ways to evaluate the quality and relevance of sources. Below are some online resources that are widely used. The librarys' classes also provide an introduction to source evaluation.

The Citation Compass has a section on source evaluation. Here you get helpful tips on what you should check to ensure that the source has good enough quality for you to use it in your work. Sources like books, scientific articles, websites, public information, reference books and newspapers are covered.

Search and Write - Evaluating sources

VIKO - How to critically evaluate sources

NB! Remember to cite and reference your sources correctly to show what literature you have used in your work. A proper bibliography also makes it easier for others to find the sources you have used.