Submitting your master's thesis to the library

Master students submit their master's thesis to the library by registering it in the database UiS Brage.

UiS Brage is the open institutional archive at UiS. This archive contains theses, dissertations and scientific papers produced by students and staff at the university. The documents are freely accessible online. When you submit your thesis through Brage it will be made accessible after a while, depending on your grade, and any confidentiality requests. Submitting to the library through UiS Brage is mandatory.

The PDF-file that you submit in Brage should be exactly like the file you submit in Inspera.

When you're ready to submit, have a look at this guide. Choose the one for your faculty:


If you need additional assistance, please contact the library.

Deadline: Your thesis needs to be registered in UiS Brage before you can submit it to your institute.

From UiS Brage, most papers will be made freely available on the Internet. Exceptions are confidential theses and theses the author does not wish to be publicly available. You can submit information about this during registration, if it is necessary.

Having your master's thesis published on the Internet can be a good way to market the author towards potential employers, and it will be a help for future students.

Only theses graded C or better are published in UiS Brage.
If you need any help or have any questions regarding this, please contact Linda Johnsen. Her phone number is 51 83 11 14 and her e-mail is