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Mandag 26. april kl. 13:00 - Onsdag 28. april kl. 17:00,

The 7th IOR NORWAY is arranged 26-28 April 2021. The digital event will be co-organized with the 14th International Symposium on Reservoir Wettability and its Effects on Oil Recovery.

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The National IOR Centre of Norway organizes an annual conference with more than 300 participants, IOR NORWAY. The 2021 edition is the 7th conference organized by the Centre.

The distribution between participants from industry and academia is normally close to 50/50. These conferences have helped to bring industry and academia together, and as a direct result of the conference, several collaborative projects with industry and the research communities IFE, NORCE and University of Stavanger have begun. Our conferences have made the Centre visible nationally and internationally.

The registration is closed but day 2 and 3 is open for the public. Use these links:

Tuesday April 27th – IOR NORWAY 2021, day 1: https://www.hove-west.no/iordayone27042021

Wednesday April 28th – IOR NORWAY 2021, day 2: https://www.hove-west.no/iordaytwo28042021