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Digital Marketing MSB109

Digital technology is dramatically changing how customers search for information, purchase products and services, and interact and influence each other. The advent of digital technologies presents firms with tremendous opportunities to obtain access to rich customer data and unique insights into the customers’ decision journey. A key challenge for marketers is to understand how to best use digital technologies to reach and engage customers for creating and claiming value for the firm's key stakeholders. The course provides students with the knowledge of how digital marketing works and develops critical skills for more effective marketing in a digital world.

Course description for study year 2021-2022. Please note that changes may occur.



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UiS Business School

Learning outcome


Upon completion of the course, students will have knowledge of:

  • Trends in digital marketing;
  • How to rely on digital marketing to reach and attract customers;
  • Key principles of "always-on" customers and how firms can leverage these principles;
  • Key principles of social interactivity and how firms can leverage these principles.


After completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply the concepts of digital marketing in a variety of business contexts;
  • Identify opportunities for using digital marketing in a company;
  • Use methods to assess digital marketing effectiveness.
The course covers four key components of digital marketing. The first is outbound marketing which refers to how firms reach out to their customers (e.g., search and display advertisements). The second is inbound marketing which ensures that firms are reachable by customers (e.g., search engine optimization). The third is social media which comprises of digital platforms where consumers interact and influence each other. The fourth is mobile technology that enables customers to be connected anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Required prerequisite knowledge
Eksamen / vurdering

In-class exam and Portfolio (group)

Vurderingsform Vekting Varighet Karakter Hjelpemiddel
In-class exam 1/2 4 Hours A - F Dictionary.
Portfolio (group) 1/2 1 Semesters A - F All.

Students failing the portfolio evaluation will be granted the opportunity of taking a deferred exam. This exam will take the form of new written individual assignments.

Coursework requirements
Presentations, Attendance 70%

70% attendance of all mandatory sessions starting from week 1 of teaching. 

In order to take the exams, the students must pass all coursework requirements. 

Course teacher(s)
Course coordinator: Elham Ghazimatin
Study Program Director: Yuko Onozaka
Method of work

Lectures, group work, and independent study. The estimated distribution of ECTS work hours are as follows:

1. Lectures: 50 hours

2. Group work: 110 hours

3. Independent study of course material 120 hours

Open for
Master in Accounting and Auditing Business Administration - Master of Science
Course assessment
Students will have the opportunity to give feedback on the course first in an early dialogue, and then in a written course evaluation at the end of the course.
Overlapping courses
Course Reduction (SP)
Digital Marketing (MØA109) 10
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