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Advanced energy conversion technologies E-PET640

This new online course provides you with deeper knowledge about the challenges of the energy transition with special focus on dispatchable energy conversion. After this course you will have new tools to contribute to the green energy transition. The course is offered this autumn primarily for people who are unemployed/laid off or employees in the oil and gas sector.

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Free of charge, except for course literature.

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Energy transition towards carbon free energy systems is one of the highest international priorities. Understanding the reasons behind, as well as possibilities and challenges of various technology options are among the competences energy engineers need to have.

Mohsen Assadi , Professor

Important information

The course is offered this fall (2021), primarily for people who are unemployed/laid off or employees in the oil and gas sector. The course is financed by Kompetanse Norge, and therefore free of charge for participants in the target group, except for course literature.


This course provides you with general knowledge of energy transition in general and thermal energy conversion technologies specifically. All thermal energy sources will be considered, but the focus will be on fuel-based technologies for electricity and heat generation. Boilers with associated steam cycles and gas turbines with combined cycles are studied at both system and component level. A brief review of innovative power cycles and fuel cells will also be provided.

Engineering tools for systems and component analysis such as TS, HS and TQ diagrams are introduced. Component design and development trends for subsystems and components in the cycles mentioned above are discussed. Using simple examples, the connections between thermodynamics, system design and efficiency will be discussed.

  • Boilers and associated steam cycles are studied at both the system and component level and simplified heat transfer calculations are introduced
  • Gas turbine design and development are explained
  • Combustion and energy conversion in boilers and turbine combustors are compared and fundamental CO2 cleaning technologies are introduced

Learning outcomes

The course will give you concrete knowledge about energy conversion technologies' functioning and efficiency.

After fully completed course, you will be able to demonstrate skills in understanding of energy conversion technologies' function and performance, both from a technical and environmental point of view.

After having completed the course, you will have the needed knowledge to perform simple calculations of thermal power plants and evaluate various environmental measures in effect and difficulties.

Course dates

To be announced

Method of work

The course consists of four seminars (on campus or digital), in addition to digital lectures, exercises, four mandatory project assignments, plus a final exam.
This course is delivered in English.


Four mandatory assignments must be completed before taking the exam. 30 % of the total evaluation will be based on the mandatory assignments.

Required prerequisite knowledge

General knowledge about basic thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Participation requirements

A bachelor’s degree in engineering is the requirement to apply for this course.

Course teacher/coordinator

Professor Mohsen Assadi is responsible for the course. Read more about him here. (Link to: https://www.uis.no/nb/profile/1763)

This is the study program for 2021/2022. It might be subject to change.

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