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Industrial decisions and Performance management E-MTOM400

This course aims to give you core knowledge on various challenges and solutions in dealing with industrial decisions and performance management processes.

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The course covers the underlying principles, theories, and practices related to industrial decisions and performance management in complex industrial systems. The course specially focuses on the characteristics of decisions in modern industrial environments, and how complex decision settings influence different types of scenarios and visa-versa.

Elever i industrihall får yrkesfaglig utdannelse

You will be presented to different perspectives that can help balance various technical and non-technical aspects for different decisions, and get an exposure to the use of selected methods and frameworks in practical settings.

It covers issues related to:

Emerging challenges and industrial trends

Recommended criteria to design and develop performance management systems

Popular methods and framework

Applications for industrial use.

The course in general provides a good theoretical insight as well as understanding on various practical use.

Potential candidates

The programme is highly relevant for both the private and the public sector. It was originally designed aiming at engineers with activities related to engineering systems, industrial production, process, design, operations, risk management, cost engineering, etc. However, it is suitable equally for those with technical or non-technical disciplines.

Examples of what you learn


  • Understanding about decision settings in relation to strategy, objectives and asset management
  • Knowledge on different methods and frameworks for performance management
  • Understanding the implicit and explicit complexities in modern environments in making risk conscious decisions and transforming it to drive performance
  • Evaluating performance using various performance measures
  • Criteria for establishing an effective performance management system to support decisions.


  • Use of different methods and techniques to device performance management systems
  • Use of principles and suitable criteria for risk-informative decisions
  • Evaluate and establish performance indicators


The course is divided into following modules:

  • Introduction, Modern challenges, and Emerging trends
  • Diverse industrial performance paradigms 
  • Performance uncertainties in Modern evolving Industrial contexts   
  • Popular methods and techniques for Modern performance management

Lecture Dates

All lectures of MTO/HF course will be digital.

Lectures will be held four days through Microsoft Team / ZOOM. 

There will be other individual/group based learning activities designed into the course in-between lecture days.   

The course Compendium and the detailed Lecture schedule with learning activities will be posted to all applicants prior to the course start-up date.

The programme uses Canvas as communication platform, and all the lectures are held in English.

Admission requirements

Bachelordegree in engineering


Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet

Institutt for maskin, bygg og materialteknologi

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