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E-GEO260 Introduction to geographic information systems

This course aims to prepare students to read, understand, interpret, and create maps and other produ


Kurset gir deg en innføring i grunnleggende prinsipper og ideer for styring av risiko og usikkerhet.

Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement Learning E-MDS130

This course introduces AI and optimization in a fun, easy, interesting, immersive, and hands-on way.

energisystem. Foto: Shutterstock

Decision analysis and continuous improvement for energy professionals and contractors

This comprehensive training course examines techniques for decision analysis with emphasis on aligni

Industrial worker offers a wind station with solar system and sea offshore oil platform icon on a virtual panel. Modern energy production concept. Smart power plant technology. Photo: Shutterstock

Lean Six Sigma Concepts for Performance Enhancement in Energy, Construction, and Manufacturing Operations

This course focuses on lean thinking and the role of using six sigma concepts to enhance operational

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Risk Based Asset Integrity Assessment and Control of Onshore and Offshore Systems

The course has the focus on delivering knowledge on risk-based asset integrity assessment and contro


E-MTOM100 MTO – Human -Technology - Organization/Human factors

Get a greater understanding of Human-Technology-Organization (HTO) interaction and Human Factor (HF)

Elever i industrihall får yrkesfaglig utdannelse

E-MTOM400 Industrial decisions and Performance management

This course aims to give you core knowledge on various challenges and solutions in dealing with indu

E-MSK585 Welding and In-service Inspection Technologies

The course focuses on increasing the understanding of the principles of welding and related quality


E-BA250 Måltidsglede og samhandling

Dette nettbaserte kurset øker kompetansen innen mat- og måltidsarbeid for personer som jobber på syk