PhD Skills workshop "kappe"

Torsdag 18. april 2024 kl. 09:30-11:30,
online workshop.


Publisert Sist oppdatert
En smilende kvinne sitter med en laptop.

A thesis comprises not only the articles aimed at publication, but also the narrative (“kappe”) that is intended to convince your examiners that you have successfully met the criteria of “doctorateness”. In this workshop, we reflect on what your examiners want to you demonstrate, discuss how to approach the writing process, and look at the elements of a good “kappe”.

Workshop objective

To reflect on the process of writing a thesis by publication, both in terms of the demands it makes on you as a writer, and in terms of writing the narrative.


Participants should have access to any writing they might have already done on their narrative; alternatively, their project proposal and articles they might have already produced.

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The course instructor is Lynn Nygaard. She is an experienced course instructor, author and researcher. Nygaard has held workshops in academic writing for several years at UiS. She is employed at PRIO.

Intended audience

PhD candidates at UiS at any stage of their PhD training, with a focus on (but not limited to) the social sciences and humanities.