Sarah S. Elkind: Histories of energy transitions for unnatural resources

Onsdag 2. november 2022 kl. 14:15-15:30,
Hulda Garborgs hus,
HG N-106.

Greenhouse gjesteforsker i grønn omstilling Sarah S. Elkind holder foredrag om sitt prosjekt

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Sarah S. Elkind

In the fall of 2022, University of Stavanger is welcoming 12 guest researchers and artists from across the world to engage with each other and the UiS community in a semester-long exploration of the meanings of green transitions.

In this Greenhouse Green Transitions Lecture, Sarah S. Elkind presents the project she is working on during this fellowship in Stavanger.

Sarah S. Elkind is a historian of urban pollution, politics, and infrastructure, President of the American Society for Environmental History, and a Women’s Environmental History Network co-founder. Her Green Transitions project is part of her global history of conservation.  She holds a PhD in History from the University of Michigan.

At the Greenhouse, Sarah Elkind will explore environmental justice and green transitions in the global history of energy. She will ask how the harms and benefits of energy production reflect social, economic, and political power, and if transitions to greener energy can be made more just. 

Pollution from energy production and transmission has historically concentrated in communities of poor, minority and other disempowered groups. Market forces, legacies of colonization, and racial or ethnic discrimination all shape government and business policies. Environmental regulations often clean some neighborhoods by concentrating pollution in others. Whatever the cause, energy transitions that ignore inequity and economic redistribution erect real barriers to change. Studying past energy transitions may suggest a path towards greener energy that avoids these barriers by examining who participates, benefits from or is harmed by green transitions, and how might these transitions be made more equitable.

The lecture will be live streamed on Zoom. Register via Zoom to receive a link. A recording of the lecture with captioning will be available afterwards.