CIIP’s goal is to become an international leading research centre with the primary objective to analyse how technological change and disruptive innovation are changing societies and their production systems – and how this is resulting in economic (low productivity growth, unsecure employment), social (inequality) and political (discontent) challenges in Europe and the USA.

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To achieve this, CIIP will identify the drivers of change and provide policy responses in these following areas: 

  1. Rise of political discontent: How technological progress drives political distrust, and a rise of anti-system protests.
  2. Inequality: How (and in which ways) technological change and innovation create increasingly unequal societies, both within and across territories.
  3. Development traps: Why places (and the people who live there) stagnate and/or are left behind in terms of innovation, economic gain, productivity, and employment.
  4. Inclusion: How more inclusive and responsible tech development and innovation may create progress and address mistrust.
  5. Institutions: How institutional quality and change influence companies’ ability to seize opportunities created by technological progress and innovation, in an economy driven by knowledge.