International PhD Summer School 23th – 26th August 2022: Methodological Issues

The Doctoral School of People and Technology, Roskilde University (DK) in collaboration with PROFRES, The Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional and Practice-Near Research School (NO)

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Roskilde Universitet

The Roskilde University International Summer School IMT has provided a decade-long tradition of dynamic doctoral training based on critical reflection and interactive forms of learning. Our significant focus is a continuous interest in methods and methodology and how this relates to research questions, theory, concepts, analyses and empirical findings.
This year’s summer school will focus on methodological issues informed by theory. The ambition is to present and discuss research approaches in which we seek transparency and critical reflections on methods, methodology and how these choices form our analysis, representations, and texts. Such activities might include issues of subjectivity and discourses, learning and societal contexts that help us reframe and rethink qualitative research in learning, health, cultural activities, and participation in civil society, work life, social innovation, and families. The Summer School will also address basic questions of theory and epistemology and stimulate discussion of the role of researchers and their engagement in issues of societal importance – and how this might influence our research.

We welcome PhD projects within learning, health, professional development, and social innovation – within a variety of arenas such as educational institutions, working life, health care and social service, civil society, public and private organizations.

Working format

Summer School 2022 will present keynotes and invite papers that approach methodology in various ways. This includes discussions on theoretical choices and methodological implications, ethics, research’s subjective and societal embeddedness, empirical designs, and analytical frameworks. We provide an inspiring environment for exchanging experiences with research processes across different fields and traditions.
Besides keynote and paper sessions, Summer School offers hands-on workshops on creative writing. This adds to the overall ambition of Summer School to be actively supportive for your Ph.D. work with opportunities to reflect and develop new perspectives around methodological considerations.


Professor, Dr. Birgitta Haga Gripsrud, Stavanger University, NO
Professor Dr. Ann Christin Eklund Nilsen, Agder University, NO
Professor, Dr. Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Roskilde University, DK
Associate Professor, Dr. Niels Warring, Roskilde University, DK
Associate Professor, Dr. Lene Larsen, Roskilde University, DK
Associate Professor, Dr. Anne Liveng, Roskilde University, DK
Post.Doc, Dr. Signe Skov, Århus University, DK