Hopp til hovedinnhold

Disputas for Jørgen Apeland

Tirsdag 2. november 2021 kl. 10:00-15:00,
Kjølv Egelands hus,

Jørgen Apeland forsvarer sin doktorgrad om brenselcelle-drevne droner.

Publisert: Endret:

Mer informasjon på engelsk:

Jørgen Apeland will be defending the thesis: “Fuel Cell Powered Drone Use of Fuel Cells to Extend Multirotor Drone Endurance”.

The trial lecture and the disputation are hybrid and will take place in Kjølv Egeland House E-164 and digital in i Zoom. You are all welcome to join with this link

Meeting ID: 686 9962 0144

Password: 780371

The thesis is published and available here: UiS Brage: Use of Fuel Cells to Extend Multirotor Drone Endurance

Guidelines to the public:

• We advice everyone to test your computer equipment before the defence

• Do not use your video camera and turn your microphone on mute

• If anybody wishes to oppose ex auditorio, the chair will invite to send these in the chat function