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DLV260 Literacy Studies course

The course is scheduled for 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2021. This is a tentative schedule, a more detailed one will be sent out to all confirmed participants

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Halvåpen bok med en rekke bokstavterninger som staver literacy.

5th of May

09.15: Introduction to the course, information about the paper requirements

Short presentations of the participants and their projects.

Kl. 10.15: Marte Blikstad-Balas: Introduction to literacy and literacy studies: understanding the field and its complexity

Kl. 11.15-12.00: Lunch

Kl. 12.30 – 15.00: Blikstad-Balas continues

6th of May

09: 15: Blikstad-Balas: Methodological challenges in literacy research

10-11.00:  Professor Kjell Lars Berge (UiO): A Nordic Perspective on Literacy Studies

11. 15 -12.00: Lunch

12- 14:  Associate Professor Marthe Ø. Burgess (USN): Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis 

14-15: Blikstad-Balas: practical group assignment where we watch and discuss a video: are literacy practices observable?

7th of May

Kl. 9.15- 11.  Prepared pesentations of each participants’ projects, with a critical discussion of the role literacy theories has in their research (more details about this assignment will be sent out to confirmed participants).

11.15-12: Lunch

12- 13: Presentations (continued).

13- 14: Practical information about the essay requirements for the course