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PhD Supervisor / PhD Candidate seminar 2022: Building a network

Fredag 30. september 2022 kl. 09:00-14:00,

Open for PhD Supervisors and PhD candidates at the University of Stavanger

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Building a network

During the last years we have experienced a pandemic, working from home, a closed campus and closed borders. Conferences and seminars, which used to give us the opportunity to meet in person, turned in to digital conferences and seminars. Even though the scientific content was mostly the same, we lost the social aspect of these gatherings – to meet new and old acquaintances, connect with other researchers within the same field and building a network.

PhD candidates are in most cases at the beginning of their career. Independent of where they plan to work after finishing their degree, these years are central for learning to build a network they can take advantage of in a later stage of their career. PhD supervisors are, on the other hand, at another stage of their career. They already have networks, both nationally and internationally, and have experiences that are relevant for the PhD candidates.

At this seminar we will hear from PhD holders from inside and outside academia share their experience with building a network. There will also be group discussions where the PhD candidates and supervisors can discuss and share experiences.

The full programme will be announced in August.