Karianne Megard Grønli

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I am a dedicated and passionate PhD candidate at the Norwegian Center for Reading Education and research, at the University of Stavanger. In my PhD project, my research delves into teachers feedback practices to students oral reading and the assessment of students' reading skills through teachers' evaluation of their oral reading performance. This work is part of the larger project Read for me , which aims to develop effective tools and support systems for teachers in fostering students who require extra assistance in improving their reading abilities. My primary areas of interest encompass early instructions in reading and writing, feedback practices and assessment for learning, instructional change, and professional development within educational settings.

In addition to my work at the Reading Centre, I am also affiliated with FIKS at the University of Oslo where I work with teachers professional development in reading instructions through the DEKOMP program.

Drawing upon my extensive experience as a primary school teacher, I have developed a profound understanding of the challenges students face when learning to read and write. Subsequently, I served as a reading and writing mentor for schools in my local municipality, actively engaged in professional development and evidence-based instruction in early education, reading, writing, and second language education.

One of my notable contributions to the field of education is as an author of the textbook "Fabel" for Norwegian reading and writing instruction, tailored for students in 1st to 4th grade. Published by Aschehoug, "Fabel" earned the prestigious gold award in BELMA (Best European Learning Material Award) in 2021, further validating its significance in promoting effective learning experiences. As an academic professional with diverse expertise, I have been actively involved in developing learning materials and conducting intensive reading courses for secondary school students struggling with reading skills through the Engasjer program at the reading center.

I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and insights with others, and I welcome any inquiries or interest in learning more about my research at the Reading Centre. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or discussions regarding my work or the broader domain of reading instruction and development.

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    • Mitchell, Monica Gundersen; Fuglestad, Unni ; Grønli, Karianne Megard


      Panelsamtale: Hva nå? Veien videre for norske barns leseferdigheter.

      Nasjonal konferanse om lesing;

      2024-03-18 - 2024-03-19.

    • Grønli, Karianne Megard; Walgermo, Bente R.; Uppstad, Per Henning; McTigue, Erin


      Tilbakemeldinger i leseopplæring – en mulighet for elevmedvirkning? En systematisk litteraturgjennomgang..

      Skriv! Les! 2024;

      2024-05-06 - 2024-05-08.

    • Grønli, Karianne Megard; Walgermo, Bente R.; Uppstad, Per Henning; McTigue, Erin


      Motiverende tilbakemeldinger på elevers høytlesing..

      Nasjonal lesekonferanse 2024;

      2024-03-18 - 2024-03-19.

    • Walgermo, Bente R.; Bakken, Arild Michel; Grønli, Karianne Megard; Ersland, Bjørn Arild Hansen; Uppstad, Per Henning; Aano, Erlend


      Innføringsseminar (Read to me) for ledere i Lindesnes kommune.

      Innføringsseminar (Read to me) for ledere i Lindesnes kommune;

      2024-04-18 - 2024-04-19.

    • Grønli, Karianne Megard; Walgermo, Bente R.; Uppstad, Per Henning; McTigue, Erin


      Feedback practices on students’ oral reading – towards student agency? A systematic review.

      SSSR Conference;

      2023-07-20 - 2023-07-22.

    • Bjorøy, Anne-Birthe Nyhammer; Grønli, Karianne Megard; Lundetræ, Kjersti; Ersland, Bjørn Arild Hansen


      Det store skoleboktyveriet.

      Bergens Tidende.

      ISSN 0804-8983.


    • Lundetræ, Kjersti; Ersland, Bjørn Arild Hansen; Grønli, Karianne Megard; Bjorøy, Anne-Birthe Nyhammer


      Utmerkelse til læremiddel i norsk.

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