Disputas for Mark Bogers

Onsdag 30. november 2022 kl. 10:00-15:00,
Kjølv Egelands hus,

Mark Philip Bogers forsvarer sin avhandling om partikkelfysikk.

Published Endret

Mark Philip Bogers will be defending the thesis: From symmetries to scattering amplitudes: A Lie-algebraic categorisation of symmetry-breaking patterns that create enhanced soft limits for NG bosons.

The trial lecture and the disputation will take place in The University of Stavanger, Kjølv Egeland House E-164.

Trial lecture at 10:00. Given trial lecture topic: “Can the standard model of particle physics be considered a complete description of elementary particles?

Disputation starts at 12:15.

The defence can also be followed in this link. Meeting ID: 636 9973 0142 - password: 784908.