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Edge Computing and 5G: Opportunities in our future cities

Tirsdag 20. april 2021 kl. 13:00-14:45,

What new business models and opportunities will the combination of 5G and Edge Computing create?

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What new business models and opportunities will the combination of 5G and Edge Computing create? And what challenges will arise related to security, dependability and performance? Welcome to Innoasis Science Forum!

The fifth generation (5G) of mobile network is going to revolutionize the future wireless communications! Not only by providing a faster Internet connectivity, but by enabling a new generation of applications, services, and businesses that will exploit the 5G ability of connecting billions of devices with low latency and ultra reliability. One of the technologies that will make this possible is the Edge Computing, which consists in the deployment of storage and computing platforms at the edge of the 5G Radio Access Network.


Gianfranco Nencioni, Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

In this talk, Gianfranco will introduce Edge Computing and present the related challenges by focusing on three perspectives: security, dependability, and performance. These perspectives will be discussed both individually and jointly. Gianfranco will also discuss the impact of Edge Computing on the future Smart Cities.

Henri Harmia, Head of strategy – Product Area IT Services, Telia 

5G mobile communication and edge computing technologies hold great promises of value creation opportunities through greatly improved technical performance compared to any other similar platforms. However, as is often the case with new generations of technology, the true impact is in the potential to create completely new business models, service innovations and new players. In addition to a order-of magnitude increase in price / performance it is likely that the long term value creation is linked to concepts such as Spatial Internet and how the two technologies come together to enable it.

Ingvar Didrik Haukland, Manager, Ring Digital

In this talk, we will discuss business applications of 5G and Edge Computing, and how companies may exploit the business opportunities and drive value creation from these technologies. Ring Digital is one of the companies behind YAGO, a business cluster and test arena for autonomous mobility. Hence, we will especially focus on 5G Edge Computing within autonomous mobility in future Smart Cities.