PhD skills development courses and events

Here you will find an overview of PhD skills development courses and other events related to the PhD education at the University of Stavanger.

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About the PhD skills development courses

In addition to subject-specific courses, UiS offers training aimed at the development of personal and professional skills that are useful in a future working life, whether it is in or outside academia.

Most of the courses are held on a half-yearly or yearly basis, whereas others can be one-time courses. Annoucements for upcoming courses can also be found on our Intranet. As a general rule, the courses are only open for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows affiliated with the University of Stavanger, who will receive information about the courses via e-mail.

Disputas for Miguel Germán Borda Borda

Man. 05.06.2023


Stavanger University Hospital, aulaen

How to plan your PhD

Tor. 08.06.2023


Course schedule spring 2023

- Writing articles for international peer-reviewed journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 27-28 September

- On Stage, 4-5 October

- Staying well and being productive, 20 October

- Career planning and interview training, 15 November

- Open Innovation, 29-30 November

- How to plan your PhD, 6 December

Smart-ER Online Training Programme
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The aim of Smart-ER Online PhD Training Programme is to train PhD researchers with the skills needed to face an unpredictable and changeable future. These courses are offered to PhD candidates at universities affiliated with .

Read more about Smart-ER.

- Basic Principles of Challenge Based Learning, October 2022 (Registration from 26 September to 14 October 2022)
- Introduction to Challenge Based Research, October 2022 (Registration open until 23 September)
- Interdisciplinary Research, November 2022 (Registration from 10 to 18 October 2022)

PhD on Track

A web resource aimed at early career researchers.