UiS Clean Energy Law and Economics Conference

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08:45: Opening remarks from Stavangers mayor, Kari Nessa Nordtun.

08:50: Opening remarks from Ola Kvaløy, Dean at UiS Business School

09:00-10:30: Panel 1. Solar Energy; how to grow a solar energy company.

  • Trygve Nilssen (Partner, Schjødt Stavanger) Presentation title: "How to structure a solar energy company for growth?”
  • Øyvind Vesterdal (CEO Norsk Solar AS) Presentation title: “How to grow a solar energy company"
  • Urosh Tomovich (Principal, UTE Consulting) Presentation title: “Exploring opportunities in the U.S. solar plus battery storage market”
  • Bjørn Bjørnnes (COO, Solgrid AS). Presentation title "Experience from development and construction of solar energy plants in an industrial scale”.
  • Moderator is Douglas McKeige (Editor in Chief, the Climate Capitalist)

10:45-12:15: Panel 2. Offshore Wind Project Experience.

  • Ryan Hopkins (Partner, White & Case, Houston) Presentation title: “Fair Winds and Following Seas are still on the Horizon” 
  • Geir Ove Karlsen (Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Mainstream – Aker Offshore Wind) Presentation:  «Floating wind – Norway may be first out, but can we go big?»
  • Åshild Tandberg Skjærseth (Lead Business Developer Offshore Wind Norway, Equinor) – Presentation: Offshore wind in Norway, opportunities for the Norwegian supplier industry: experiences from Hywind Tampen (HyT
  • Guro Løken (Head of Alliance, Windstaller Alliance) Presentation: «Windstaller Alliance – Unlocking value for renewable energy developers and operators”
  • Yihan Xing (Professor, UiS) Presentation: «R&D activities in offshore wind – The last ten years and future trends»
  • Moderator is Kristoffer Svendsen from UiS Business School


13:30-15:00: Panel 3. Investing in and financing offshore wind projects.

  • Douglas McKeige (Editor in Chief, The Climate Capitalist)
  • Andreas Østern (Head of Energy Transition Solutions, Ocean Industries, DNB Bank ASA)
  • Bodil Sannes-Vardenær (Senior kundeansvarlig, Energi og Industri, EKSFIN – Eksportfinansiering Norge) Presentation title: "Norwegian ECA financing”
  • Ida Johanne Bohmann (CMS Kluge) Presentation title: "Financing of offshore wind energy projects in Norway – are we ready? Do we have the necessary legislation in place to accommodate for a bankable project structure?”
  • Jon Christian Thaulow (Partner, BAHR) Presentation title: "What is special about financing offshore wind compared to onshore wind projects?"
  • Moderator is Urosh Tomovich (Principal, UTE Consulting)

15:15-16:45: Panel 4. Green Taxes and Incentives: How does it influence green investments?

  • Kenny Kaluiji (Carbon Credit Advisor, Scatec ASA) Presentation title: "Carbon markets as a key driver for renewable energy Investments in emerging markets" 
  • Gjermund Grimsby (Chief Advisor, Climate change, KLP) Presentation title: «Green investments: Capitalism with plan economy characteristics»
  • Manus Pandey (Vice President - Energy and Climate Policies, Statkraft) Presentation: “Taxation of renewable energy and the effect on market participants’ incentives”
  • Torfinn Harding (Economics professor at UiS Business School) Presentation title: "Demand side vs supply side climate policies”
  • Arnault Barichella (PhD candidate, Sciences Po) Presentation: Climate Change and Governance, in light of Green Incentives.
  • Moderator is Benn Folkvord from UiS Business School

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Kristoffer Svendsen.

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