This Month's Technical Paper (25.04.2019)
The Centre at IOR 2019 in Pau (12.04.2019)
Photos from IOR NORWAY 2019 (10.04.2019)
Portrait of the month: Andre (01.04.2019)
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SAC: «Stand your ground» (27.03.2019)
Shares all data from one field (21.03.2019)
He is the best young talent (21.03.2019)
New thinking on wettability (21.03.2019)
Popular wettability workshop (20.03.2019)
How to make seawater smarter (20.03.2019)
UiS' big "show off"-day (12.03.2019)
Running tests on large scale (11.03.2019)
A visit from KUFPEC (07.03.2019)
Wettability workshop 18 March (15.02.2019)
Inspired girls to choose tech education (08.02.2019)
Join us at Master's Corner (16.01.2019)
Meet Dr. Nødland (09.01.2019)
Teaching engineers to model (17.12.2018)
Thoughts on IOR simulations (10.12.2018)
IOR NORWAY – call for abstracts (09.12.2018)
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A visit from Petronas (07.11.2018)
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Awarded with innovation prize (30.10.2018)
From Russia with love for Norwegian science (29.10.2018)
The Centre visited NPD (29.10.2018)
Get ready for IOR NORWAY 2019 (26.10.2018)
Laura's paper is the editor's pick (16.10.2018)
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Lunch & Learn with Dhruvit (01.10.2018)
Seismic to the people! (26.09.2018)
Curious children at Science Fair (24.09.2018)
KNUST in Ghana look to Norway (24.09.2018)
50 thoughts on smart water (19.09.2018)
The Centre at IEA-EOR 2018 (07.09.2018)
High on dissemination in Spain (07.09.2018)
Listen to the Sound of Science (05.09.2018)
Asked the Minister for large scale testing money (24.08.2018)
«The best way to predict the future is to create it» (24.08.2018)
«All for IOR, IOR for All» (23.08.2018)
Dmitry got Vista funding (11.08.2018)
Portrait of the month: Aojie (10.08.2018)