Celebration of the students (03.07.2020)
Strategic plan 2030 – voice your opinion (24.06.2020)
Photocall: Share your migration story (23.06.2020)
Awards for petroleum students (17.06.2020)
Students, staff and visitors may return to campus (15.06.2020)
EU Commissioner: ECIU University is testbed for the future (09.06.2020)
The buddy festival Fadder 2020 (25.05.2020)
A new semester at the UiS (23.05.2020)
UiS cancels student exchanges this autumn (20.05.2020)
Further opening of UiS next week (08.05.2020)
SIS Bookstore open Monday to Friday from May 7 (08.05.2020)
UNESCO chair awarded to UiS (05.05.2020)
A new way of working: External societal stakeholders on the ECIU University board (05.05.2020)
Additional access to campus for employees (04.05.2020)
The situation in Cuba (24.04.2020)
Limited reopening of UiS from April 27 (08.04.2020)
4,5 Million NOK in funding on Building Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (06.04.2020)
Easter greetings from Rector Klaus Mohn (03.04.2020)
Dr. Kristoffer Svendsen, new Associate professor in law at HHUiS. (02.04.2020)
Free access to JoVE Educational Video Library (20.03.2020)
The importance of thorough development processes (19.03.2020)
Online resources from the Library (19.03.2020)
Find research about the coronavirus (18.03.2020)
Corona Library (12.03.2020)
Calling for regional cooperation in education (06.03.2020)
UiS presents simulation app on international research conference (03.03.2020)
IOR NORWAY 2020 is cancelled (02.03.2020)
Children need self-regulation to learn (26.02.2020)
Teachers want to develop themselves for their pupils (26.02.2020)
Bringing the outside world into education (14.02.2020)
Alarm bells should ring if a manager fails to understand the meaning of emotions (24.01.2020)
UiS awarded prize for internationalisation (02.12.2019)
Kick-off meeting for the new project "Releasing the power of users" (08.11.2019)
The challenge-based ECIU University is born! (08.11.2019)
10 million NOK for research on responsible innovation in the health service. (09.10.2019)
PUBSIC 2020 - 2nd Call for papers (11.09.2019)
UiS leading a national network for innovation in the public sector (11.09.2019)
Call for Abstract - Conference on family nursing (09.09.2019)
Research collaboration with Japan on resilience in healthcare (05.09.2019)
Seminar for adolescents about stigma and mental health (26.08.2019)
Book Launch: Responsible Innovation in Digital Health - Empowering the Patient (20.08.2019)
Minor in Gender Studies (09.08.2019)
Funding for innovative learning project (08.08.2019)
Fishery and aquaculture technology (01.07.2019)
ECIU to pilot ground-breaking university model (26.06.2019)
SIMeLEARN finalist in national initiative in education (25.06.2019)
How to use the Lundin data set? (14.06.2019)
Building more resilient communities (06.06.2019)
UiS researchers joining forces in a new lab (22.05.2019)
Fruitful cooperation with Nablus (10.05.2019)