Call for Abstract - Conference on family nursing (09.09.2019)
Research collaboration with Japan on resilience in healthcare (05.09.2019)
Seminar for adolescents about stigma and mental health (26.08.2019)
Book Launch: Responsible Innovation in Digital Health - Empowering the Patient (20.08.2019)
Minor in Gender Studies (09.08.2019)
Funding for innovative learning project (08.08.2019)
Fishery and aquaculture technology (01.07.2019)
ECIU to pilot ground-breaking university model (26.06.2019)
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Fruitful cooperation with Nablus (10.05.2019)
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Not a 'one size fits all' university (16.04.2019)
Intensive program in Joensuu, Finland (15.04.2019)
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Towards a European University (01.03.2019)
Winter School in Svalbard (20.02.2019)
ECIU proposes stronger outreach for Erasmus (22.01.2019)
Join us at Master's Corner (16.01.2019)
Launch of the Joint European University (10.01.2019)
New research agreement with Equinor (08.01.2019)
Graduation Ceremony for UiS students in Moscow (20.12.2018)
Teaching engineers to model (17.12.2018)
Professor Klaus Mohn to be the next rector (06.12.2018)
Here are the 2019 speakers (06.12.2018)
Celebrating new e-learning tools for nursing students (03.12.2018)
Welcome to the Advent calendar 2018! (03.12.2018)
Department of Energy Resources: Research Day 2018 (03.12.2018)
Two UiS projects allocated NORPART grants! (07.11.2018)
Speech at the University of Stavanger's anniversary day by rector Marit Boyesen (29.10.2018)
Oil, healthcare and smart solutions at Pumps & Pipes (23.10.2018)
Fishery and Aquaculture cooperation between Chonnam National University in South Korea and UiS (14.10.2018)
UiS joins academic community with proud traditions (28.09.2018)
Hosting World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (20.09.2018)
Students «hacking» Stavanger’s challenges (14.09.2018)
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18 students from University of Stavanger attended Summer school in Moscow (22.08.2018)
National Science Week (21.08.2018)
“Don’t wait for moments that never come” (14.08.2018)
New world record at Campus Ullandhaug (14.08.2018)