Additional access to campus for employees

While the main rule is still that students and staff at the UiS shall work from home, the university will take steps to allow more employees to return to work on campus, starting May 4.

This will apply mainly to employees who are unable to perform their work from home. The university aims for a gradual and controlled reopening in order to minimize the risk of infection on campus. 

Employees who need to return to work on campus must apply to their faculty or administrative unit for permission. These units must be able to account at all times for students and staff who are present on campus in case the UiS is asked to assist local authorities in tracing transmission of coronavirus.

Official guidelines regarding hygiene, distancing and group size must be complied with at all times. An important part of the new arrangement is that those who come to work must remain in designated campus areas only.

Who may be entitled to access?

Employees who need access to campus in order to perform their work and who meet these criteria, may apply:

  1. Need for equipment that is not accessible from home
  2. Customized workplace with tools and adjustments that they do not have at home
  3. Access based on other criteria may be granted in special circumstances

This is in force until new guidelines are issued by the Norwegian government.

Previously announced expansion still applies

The University of Stavanger has previously announced that a small group of students, PhD candidates, postdocs and employees will be allowed on campus when their teaching and research is dependent on such access. This expansion of access still applies. 


Arne Rettedals

More people will soon be allowed on campus