And the winner is …

Oddbjørn M. Nødland and Mona Wetrhus Minde were awarded with the Skjæveland Award on the last day of the IOR NORWAY 2017 conference. Han Byal Kim from Memorial University of Newfoundland won the best young presenter under 30. Her supervisor Dr. Lesley James is collaborating with the National IOR Centre of Norway.

Oddbjørn M. Nødland, Mona Wetrhus Minde and Han Byal Kim. Oddbjørn M. Nødland, Mona Wetrhus Minde and Han Byal Kim.

Oddbjørn M. Nødland and Mona Wetrhus Minde were given the Skjæveland Awards 2017. Nødland for his presentation on Mechanical Degradation of Polymers at the Field Scale – A Simulation Study, and Minde for her poster introduction on Comparative Studies of Mineralogical Alterations of Three Ultra-long-term Tests of Onshore Chalk at Reservoir Conditions.

Excellence, courage and innovation

«They both show excellence, courage and innovation in their research,» director Merete Vadla Madland at The National IOR Centre of Norway said in the justification.

Both Nødland and Minde received a diploma and a sculpture made by the artist Anu Allikas.

EAGE prizes

IOR NORWAY 2017 was arranged in collaboration with EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers). Also EAGE awarded some of the young talents at the conference. Ms. Han Byal Kim got the award for best young presenter under 30 – based on her talk on Experimental Investigation of EOR by Injecting SiO2 Nanoparticles as Water Additive with Application to the Hebron Field.

Nikola Gaillard from SNF was also awarded for the best presentation – on Advanced Selection of Polymers for EOR Considering Shear and Hardness Tolerance Properties.

Both the Skjæveland Awards and the EAGE prizes were given based on forms handed out to six members of the audience during each presentation.

The rest of the forms were written by the two Chairs in each session. The Steering Committee of the conference made the final decision.

The two conference Chairs and the Steering Committee consisted of the following: Ann Muggeridge, Merete Vadla Madland, Samir Békri, Dane Cantwell, Emma Chapman, Torsten Clemens, Helber Cubillos, Mariann Dalland, Inna Edelman, Øivind Fevang, Raymond Anderson Haas, Sunil Kokal, Bernd Leonhardt, Franco Masserano, Danielle Morel, David Puckett, Bill Rossen, Leonid Surguchev, Janos Szelényi and Diederik van Batenburg.

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber