Buzzing atmosphere at Open day

Close to 2500 visitors got a glimpse of what UiS has to offer during Open day.

  • Photo showing people walking around in the lobby. The photo is taken from above.
    Close to 2500 people visited UiS during Open day March 6th.
  • Photo shows a pancake printer making a pancake shaped as Donald Trump.
    The library served pancakes straight from the printer. Photo: Mari Løvås.
  • Kjemistudenter Linda Hummervoll og Juanita Flåte4.jpg (rw_largeArt_1201).jpg
    Linda Hummervoll and Juanita Flåte perform a chemical experiment. Photo: Mari Løvås.
  • Three students watch teacher with paper rocket.
    Konrad Lauvsnes, Åke Sjursen Hauge and Lars Bakke from Jørpeland watch as Inge Christ launches a rocket made of paper. Photo: Mari Løvås.
  • Nursing lab.
    Visiting the nursing lab. Photo: Leiv Gunnar Lie
  • Nursing lab.
    Nursing lab 2. Photo: Karoline Reilstad
  • Alumni meeting.
    Former students shared their story. Photo: Siri J. Pedersen
  • Students at the physics lab.
    Guided tour at the physics lab. Photo: Karoline Reilstad

March 6th the university invited high school students, and others how are curious, to campus. Visitors could choose from a selection of short presentations, join in on a guided tour around campus, visit some of our many labs, and get a  sense of what it’s like to study at UiS.

For the first time former students returned to UiS. They shared experiences from their time at UiS and from the time after leaving university.