Celebration of the students

The corona virus put an end to the annual masters ceremony in Tjodhallen this summer. But some of the students were gathered at Ullandhaug - the winners of this year's student awards.

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    Jury leader Päivi Teivanen-Lædre together with the winners of Tekna's student prize Javeria Habib (left) and Silje Marie Angell.
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    Nordic Unmanned by CEO Knut Roar Wiig (left) and doctoral student Jørgen Apeland received Tekna's education award. Annika Heggheim from Tekna presented the award.
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    Susanne Espeli won the Innovation Award.
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    Dean Øystein Lund Bø (middle) with Susanne Espeli and Jan Terje Kvaløy. Espeli won the Innovation Award, while Kvaløy won the award for best lecturer.

The master's ceremony for graduating students at the Faculty of Science and Technology at UiS has become a tradition both students and their families appreciate. National costumes and black suits, solemn speeches and awards in the Tjodhallen, before it all ends with a tapas buffet.


Due to infection prevention considerations, it was not possible to gather nearly 500 students and their families in Tjodhallen this year. Instead, you will receive a digital greeting from Dean Øystein Lund Bø and Chairman Toril Nag.

Watch the film here

You can also see the award of these four prizes: 

Tekna's student award goes to two students this year. The chairman of the jury, Päivi Teivanen-Lædre, reasoned that it was impossible to choose only one of the two. Both winners have impressed the jury professionally, but they have also been very active alongside the studies. Silje Marie Angell, master of technical societal safety, receives the award for her great commitment to student welfare. In addition to studying both petroleum technology and societal safety, she has been an active student ambassador. She has also worked as a student assistant. Angell starts working as a security consultant in Norconsult after the summer.

According to the jury, Javeria Habib, master of computer technology, is very skilled. She also shows political commitment. Ever since she started her studies in Lahore, Pakistan, she has worked actively to get more girls to choose engineering. Habib has already got a job as a data analyst at Equinor. She hopes to eventually get a PhD position.

Tekna's education award goes to a company that has worked closely with the University of Stavanger, among other things by offering master's and doctoral projects in their company. This year's winner is Nordic Unmanned. They have also helped build a drone lab at UiS. CEO Knut Roar Wiig and PhD student Jørgen Apeland received the award, a work of art by Terry Nilssen-Love.

The Innovation Award goes to Susanne Espeli. She has written her master's thesis for Equinor, "Petrophysical evaluation of the Nordmela Formation at the Johan Castberg Field". Espeli has developed a new and more realistic petrophysical model that can be used to optimize oil recovery from the Castberg field.

Best lecturer – the award goes to Jan Terje Kvaløy, professor at the Department of Mathematics and Physics. Kvaløy received the award for his good lectures and the ability to create a good learning environment for his students. It is the students themselves who have nominated the candidates.

Greetings from the Dean

Since Dean Øystein Lund Bø could not physically meet the master students, he wanted to say a few words to the students in a video greeting.

«Thanks for your patience, your self-discipline and your ability to complete your work. You made it, and that calls for celebration,» he says.

Chairman Toril Nag also took the opportunity to praise the students for their efforts in a very special time.

«Spring 2020 goes into the history books. As you grow old, your grandchildren will say, "Tell me about that time! About the pandemic, and the demonstrations. What did you do?"» 

Nag also reflected on the future of this year's graduating students.

«Despite the uncertainty, it is also a promising and interesting time to enter the next phase of your life, the phase in which you will build a career and help shape the future.» 

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber