Challenged and enlightened

The students who attended the NFiP seminar took part in several of the major issues that are related to the oil and energy industry today.

The participants of the seminar.

59 people had signed up for this year's seminar, which took place at the Petroleum Museum in Stavanger. The participants could enjoy speeches from, among others, Jostein Dahl Karlsen (MPE), Eva Halland (NPD) and John Candler (Schlumberger).

The seminar was led by Merete Vadla Madland, director of The National IOR Centre of Norway.

The main topic of this year's seminar was "Emphasizing More Sustainability in Upstream Petroleum Activities". Among the sub topics that were addressed were energy perspectives, designer water, and how we can prepare ourselves for the future.

The students actively participated in the PhD session, and they could also ask questions to the speakers during the first session.

The Petroleum Research School of Norway aims to be a meeting point and work for interdisciplinary collaboration between the Norwegian universities' graduating PhD’s in petroleum related scientific disciplines. 

Text: Mari Løvås
(Article first published 26. Nov 2014)