Collaborating on supercomputers

Professor Chunming Rong from the University of Stavanger has visited the National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou, China. The visit was a step in establishing a formal collaboration with the center, which holds one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, the Tianhe-2.

 From the National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou (Wikipedia) From the National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou (Wikipedia)

“Together with the Tsinghu University, the Tianhe-2 supercomputer and Huangzhong University of Science and Technology in China, the University of Stavanger is building up a frontier research of using high performance data analysis” says Chunming Rong. 

“Large volumes and varieties of data (Big Data) require not only massive storage capacity and intelligent structuring of data” he says “but also a considerable processing power to perform extensive analysis and modelling.”

Massive data sets

Examples from fundamental scientific research include analysis of massive data sets to verify gravitational waves at LIGO and the Higgs boson at CERN. Researchers from UiS are involved in this project as well.

Likewise, research in molecular modelling and bioinformatics depends on Big Data fitting complex models.

“Similar challenges are faced by the industry, in pharmaceutical and biotechnological innovation, as well as in established industry applications, such as reservoir modelling based on seismic data for the oil industry” says Rong.

Powerful tools

According to Rong this demonstrates the need for powerful computational tools of analysis at large scale with high performance, as well as the need for professionals who are educated in the use of such tools.

Both scientific research and technological innovations could be accelerated by a proliferation of competencies in high performance computing (HPC) methods of data analysis, called high performance data analysis (HPDA). 

During his visit, Professor Chunming Rong gave a talk on “Secure Enterprise Data Services”.

Text: Lars Gunnar Dahle