Research Seminar and Workshop on Childbearing

Health promoting childbearing and neonatal care for families in a global world are the subjects of this research seminar and workshop, 12-13th of September in Stavanger.

The primary aim of this collaborative research seminar and workshop is to enable a deeper understanding of various qualitative approaches and methods in health promoting childbearing research; research on childbearing and neonatal care in a global context from different perspectives, and the contribution to theory, research and practice.

Qualitative research is an important tool for developing care for all childbearing women, the newborn baby and their families in a global world. The participants will have the possibility to present and reflect on her/his qualitative research project in the area of childbearing from pregnancy, birth, postpartum or neonatal care. 

The secondary aim of the research workshop is to create an opportunity to continue and to develop international cooperation in the field of qualitative childbearing research.

See the programme here.

Collaboration partners

The research seminar and workshop is organized by Childbearing – the qualitative research network (BfiN) and the Network for Women’s Health in Childbearing, with the focus on Migrants and Minorities, WoMBH-net. It is a collaboration between the Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Stavanger, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) Centre for Women's, Family and Child Health, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

Management team

Professor Terese Bondas, (leader BfiN) University of Stavanger, Norway
Associate Professor Marit Alstveit, University of Stavanger, Norway
Associate Professor Christina Furskog Risa, University of Stavanger, Norway
PhD Kristiina Heinonen, Postdoc Researcher, University of Eastern Finland
Associate Professor Bente Dahl, University of South Eastern Norway
PhD Pirjo Koski, Senior Lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Leader WoMBH-Net)
PhD Anita Wikberg, Senior Lecturer, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Leader WoMBH-Net)