The date for the 2016 conference by The National IOR Centre of Norway will be 26-27 April 2016.

IOR NORWAY 2016, conference improved oil recovery, The National IOR Centre of Norway


The purpose of IOR NORWAY 2016 is to create a meeting place between academia and industry.  The conference is a venue to showcase results of our research, but more importantly, it is an arena where we openly may discuss the issues we are facing in our efforts to enhance oil recovery from fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

We will invite talented researchers from around the world to best illustrate methods to to increase oil recovery.  The conference is split in successive sessions that deal with the issues we are facing. In each session, the world's leading scientists from industry and academia, will  be invited to share their knowledge and research.

In The National IOR Centre of Norway we believe in transparency. Through cooperation we will strengthen our research and approach the best solutions for improved oil recovery. We hope that you will be part of the team and join us at IOR NORWAY 2016.

Venue: University of Stavanger, Kjølv Egelands hus, Tjodhallen . Campus map