Norwegian Food Market Research Conference 2013

Norwegian Food Market Research Conference covers all aspects of the food and market continuum. This first conference will be held in Stavanger November 5-6 2013. Our hope is that the conference will develop into Norway’s main forum for research related to food and food markets.

Norwegian Food Market Research Conference is a joint initiative between Nofima and Tromsø University Business School, UMB School of Economics and Business, and UiS Business School.

It will be a yearly event rotating between Tromsø, Ås and Stavanger. The conference is targeted at both domestic and international scholars, researchers and practitioners, with the intention of sharing up to date research and develop interesting new research ideas from the interaction between the participants.

Norwegian Food Market Research Conference is sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council, NCE Culinology and Måltidets Hus.

Conference program and practical information
The conference will be held at the University of Stavanger and Måltidets Hus, both located at Ullandhaug in Stavanger. Most of the participants will arrive by plane to Stavanger Airport Sola. The easiest way of getting from the airport to Ullandhaug is by taxi, which takes approximately 7-10 minutes. At the university, the building housing the conference is called Ellen & Aksel Lunds hus. Please see map at the last page of this program. If in need of any assistance, please call +47 971 58 762.

Tuesday November 5th
12.00 - 12.45 Lunch at UiS Business School, Ellen & Aksel Lunds hus, University of Stavanger
12.45 - 13.30 Psychological Perspectives on Food and Eating: About Doing, Thinking and Eating
Key note speaker: Bas Verplanken, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Bath.
Room: Rødt auditorium (Red auditorium)

13.45 - 14.45 Paper session 1A  Session chair: Yuko Onozaka Room: H-316
a) Targeting fish fillet consumers based on innovativeness and convenience orientation, M. Heide & T. Altintzoglou (Nofima)
  b) The relationship between fish meal and salmon prices, A. Øglend & F. Asche (UiS)
c) Fish consumption in different generations: A life cycle approach, G.W. Gustavsen (NILF), K. Rickertsen (UMB) & A. Øvrum (NILF)

Paper session 1B  Session chair: Frode Alfnes Room: H-007
  d) Component Supply Response in Dairy Production, D.M. Atsbeha (UMB)
e) Going beyond the ecological metaphor in marketing: An environmental gradient model of product-market fit, J. Scholderer (MAPP – Aarhus University) & N.V. Olsen (Nofima)
f) The Micro and Macro country image scale: An empirical validation based on Norwegian Salmon in foreign markets, Y. Onozaka (UiS), J. Sallis (Uppsala University), F. Wallentin (Uppsala University), H. Hansen (UiS) & R. Tveterås (UiS).

15.00 - 16.00 Paper session 2A  Session chair: Pirjo Honkanen Room: H-316
g) Consumer preferences for iced coffee determined by conjoint analysis: an exploratory study with Norwegian consumers, D. Asioli, T. Næs, B.S. Granli & V.L. Almli (Nofima)
h) Consumers food preferences and ethnocentric beliefs: A Norwegian investigation, M. Vabø (UiS/Tine FoU), K.V. Hansen (UiS), H. Kraggerud (Tine FoU) & G. Rognsa
i) Norwegians' willingness to pay for animal welfare:  A choice experiment for organic veal, A. Schjøll (SIFO)

Paper session 2B   Session Chair:  James Sallis Room: H-007
k) Stated likelihood of eating rare hamburgers: The role of emotions, N.V. Olsen (Nofima), E. Røssvoll (Nofima), S. Langsrud (Nofima) & J. Scholderer (Aarhus University)
l) Consumer vs. Citizen Willingness to Pay for Food Safety in Restaurants, R. Alphonce (UMB), F. Alfnes (UMB) & A. Sharma (Penn State University)
m) Advertising functional foods: The effects of physical body size and appeal type on ad credibility and purchase intentions, H. Hansen, E.L. Melby & Y. Onozaka (UiS)

16.15  Bus transport to Sola Strandhotel, check in
  For more information about the hotel, please see

19.30  Conference dinner at Sola Strandhotel