RIP 2014 - 9th Regional Innovation Policies Conference

The University of Stavanger was proud to host the 9th international conference on Regional Innovation Policies.

Stavanger harbor

The conference took place at the University of Stavanger from 16 to 17 October 2014 and coincided with the University of Stavanger Innovation Week, Stavanger Impact Week and the 10th anniversary of the University of Stavanger.

A selection of the papers presented at the conference can be found here.

About the conference
The Regional Innovation Policies Conference is a venue for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers with an interest in regional innovation, regional development and innovation policy. The conference featured keynote addresses and parallel sessions, and participants were encouraged to submit papers for consideration on topics related to regional innovation policy, in particular in relation to the themes listed below.

The conference follows previous successful seminars in Porto, Salzburg, Santander, Edinburgh, Grimstad, Lund, Porto and San Sebastián.

Keynote speakers

  • Susana Borrás, Copenhagen Business School
  • Ron Boschma, Lund University
  • Bjørn Asheim, University of Stavanger/Circle University of Lund  
  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics

Themes (provisional)

  1. The greening of regional innovation policy
  2. Innovation and innovation systems in services - public and private
  3. Action research, work organization and regional innovation policy
  4. Nordic regional innovation policy in a comparative perspective
  5. The role of universities in regional innovation policy
  6. Natural resource based regional innovation policy
  7. Path development and change in non-core regions
  8. The role of networks and governance in regional innovation policy
  9. Heterogeneity of regions, modes of innovation and differentiated knowledge bases: How to approach a broad based regional innovation policy?


The conference started in the morning Thursday 16 October and lasted until the afternoon of Friday 17 October. There was a reception hosted by Stavanger municipality and the Mayor's Office at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum on Wednsday evening at 7 pm.

Call for papers
The call for papers and for submitting abstract ended July 21st 2014.

Bjørn Asheim, professor – bjorn.t.asheim"at"
Rune Dahl Fitjar, professor  – rune.d.fitjar"at"
Egil C. Svela, senior adivser – egil.c.svela"at"