A selection of papers presented at RIP 2014 - 9th Regional Innovation Policies Conference.

"The Role of Associations in Regional Innovation Systems" by Knut Koschatzky, Esther Schnabl, Andrea Zenker, Thomas Stahlecker and Henning Kroll.

"The differentiated role of universities in regional development paths" by Martin Gjelsvik and Peter Arbo.

"Capabilities for innovation in a globalizing world: to be or not to be in clusters" by Martin Gjelsvik and Silje Haus-Reve.

"Lock-in or renewal? On governance of global value chains and opportunities for SME suppliers. Two case studies" by Ola Jonsson

"Does the Norwegian oil and gas industry benefit from agglomeration?" by Marte C.W. Solheim and Ragnar Tveterås.

"Entrepreneurship in the service sector as a product of alertness and judgment" by Jørgen Ravn Elkjær

"Investigating Innovation Dynamicsin the Biotech and Subsea Industry: How Can cluster Facilitation Aid Young Firms With Radical Innovations?" by Inger Beate Pettersen and Heidi Wiig Aslesen

"The role of regions in low carbon transitions dynamics: the ‘Greening’ of Puglia Region" by Carla De Laurentis, Kevin Morgan and Malcolm Eames

"The role of universities in regional innovation policies – Universities` links with local industry" by Liv Reidun Grimstvedt

 "The role of geographical, cognitive and social proximity in university-industry collaboration on innovation" by Ina Drejer and Christian Richter Østergaard

"Foreign knowledge and cluster evolution: Evidence from salmon farming in Chile and software in Costa Rica" by José Guimón and Evita Paraskevopoulou

"Thin markets, the finance gap and regional economic decline: Financing innovative firms in peripheral regions" by Neil Lee

"Exploring the innovation systems of service innovation: A literature review and guidelines for service innovation policies" by Are Branstad, Thomas Brekke and Per Egil Pedersen

"University-industry collaboration in the European regional context: the cases of Galicia and Apulia region" by Manuel González-López, Ivano Dileo and Francesco Losurdo

"From Smart Concept to Challenging Practice – How European Regions Deal with the Commission’s Request for Novel Innovation Strategies" by Henning Kroll, Emmanuel Muller, Esther Schnabl and Andrea Zenker Fraunhofer

"The geography and evolution of complex knowledge" by Pierre-Alexandre Balland and David Rigby

"Innovation in public services: Private, public, and public-private partnership" by Veiko Lember, Ole Helby Petersen, Walter Scherrer and Robert Ågren

"Appraising the propensity and modus operandi of DUI‐oriented SMEs towards cooperative innovation: evidence from Bizkaia" by Bart Kamp

"Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water Network failures and policy challenges for cluster long run dynamics" by Jérôme Vicente

"A network that responds to a complex innovation ecosystem: Knowledge, Innovation and Territory Platform, a case study" by Josep M. Vilalta, Josep Alías and Alicia Betts

"Social innovation to address offender mental health: building social relations between the mental health and criminal justice systems" by Sarah Hean, Elisabeth Willumsen, and Atle Ødegard

"Emergence and Development of an Aquaculture System of Innovation in Galicia (Spain)" by Gonzalo Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Andrea Morrison and Rodrigo Troncoso-Ojeda

"Delivering Smart Specialisation in Peripheral Regions: the Role of Universities" by Louise Kempton

"Idea management practices in the public health sector: An empirical exploration in Norwegian municipalities" by Tor Helge Aas, Nina Jentoft and Mikaela Vasstrøm

"Why do firms collaborate with local universities?" by Rune Dahl Fitjar

"Economic Foundation of Social Innovation: New Modes of Policy Production" by Judith Terstriep and Peter Totterdill