Social work with families in a Latin American perspective

Welcome to a research-based workshop comparing Latin-American and Nordic family-based welfare work.

This research-based workshop seminar aims to gather researchers, students and practitioners with an interest in social work with families with complex needs. The seminar also aims to provide a fertile platform for discussion and reflection around related issues in a comparative perspective, comparing Nordic and Latin American practices.

The seminar seeks to exploit existing and potential links between divergent disciplines and knowledge streams in Nordic and Latin American countries to enhance understandings of different notions of family and family-focused approaches in (and therefore across) domains of social care, education, and health.

The seminar includes three workgroup sessions, divided into four thematic sub-groups on child welfare, drug/alcohol abuse treatment, migrating families and disabilities.

The key note speakers and the participants share experiences from different contexts related to both the structural and cultural construction of gender, generations and family practices, and the institutional and cultural framework which social problems exist and are solved within. The seminar opens up for comparison to illuminate how the same social phenomena are represented in different ways in these contexts and thereby challenge the doxa of what is taken for granted. 

Tuesday, 22 September

08.30   Registration
09.00   Welcome by Professor Siv Oltedal (University of Stavanger)
Nordic and Latin American family practices – similarities and differences between de-familialized and familialized family regimes
09.30   Keynote: Professor Lennart Nygren (Umeå University)
Challenges in comparative research: Comparing social work in Latina America and Scandinavia
10.00   Coffee break
10.30   Work groups sessions I – Individual presentations
Divided into four workgroups: Addiction, Mental health, Child Welfare and Immigration 
12.00   Lunch
13.00   Keynote: Professor Sandra Mancinas (Universidad de Nuevo Leon)
Social work with families in a Mexican context. Definitions and contradictions in practice and in social policy
14.00   Keynote: Professor Carolina Muñoz (Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Social work with families in a Chilean context
15.00   Coffee break
15.30   Work groups session II – Individual presentations (continued)
17.00   Finished  
20.00   Dinner


Wednesday, 23 September

09.00   Keynote: Professor Angela Peña (Universidad de la Habana)
Social work with families in a Cuban context
10.00   Coffee break
10.30   Work groups sessions III – Discussion of similarities and differences between the countries related to three levels of analysis
12.00   Lunch
13.00   Keynote: Post doc Marit Ursin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Negotiating families in Chilean and Mexican Child Welfare institutions - a comparative study
13.30   Discussion – work groups present their discussion on similarities and differences between the different countries
14.30   Coffee break
15.00   Round table with Siv Oltedal, Lennart Nygren, Carolina Muñoz, Sandra Mancinas, and Angela Peña – discussion on future possibilities and cooperation
16.00   Final remarks
16.30   Finished