Strong and Electroweak Matter Conference

This year 's Strong and Electroweak Matter Conference will be held at the University of Stavanger on July 11 - 15.

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    Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek will speak at the conference and also give a public talk. (Photo: Justin Knight)
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    The conference will be held at Arne Rettedals hus at the University of Stavanger.
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    (Part of) the Cosmology research group at UiS will be your conference hosts.

Strong and Electroweak Matter is an international conference on theoretical particle physics, specifically its applications to early universe physics, heavy ion-collisions and phenomenology of Standard Model and Beyond the Standard Model physics at high temperatures and density.

Starting in 1994, it is held every other year, each time at a new host institution, and sees 100+ leading scientist in the field meet for 4 days of plenary talks, expert parallel sessions and discussions. 


Plenary sessions are held Monday 13.30-18.00 and Tuesday-Friday 09.00-12.30 with specialised parallel sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. 

The conference website, speaker list and poster can be found at the CERN website

Public lecture

The conference itself is not relevant for the general public, but on Tuesday, July 12 at 17.00, an open public lecture will be held in auditorium G-001 in Arne Rettedals Hus at the Ullandhaug campus.

The speaker is Frank Wilczek (MIT, Nobel Prize 2004), speaking on "Some Intersections of Art and Science". 

Museum exhibition

Also, the Particle Physics and Cosmology group at the UiS has created a special exhibition at Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, running until the end of July.

The subject is closely linked to the subject area of the conference: Strong and Electroweak fundamental interactions, CERN-physics and physics in the Universe shortly after the Big Bang.


The organisers include Anders Tranberg, Tomas Brauner, Per Amund Amundsen, David Weir, Andreas Hohenegger, Angelo Ricciardone (all UiS), and Jens Oluf Andersen (NTNU).