Find research about the coronavirus

The medical library has gathered many useful resources to help you find the latest research about coronavirus.

WHO and other resources about coronavirus
WHO has put together a database of published research about the virus. The database is updated daily. Click here to check it out.

You can also check out Cochrane, who have created Special Collection: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): evidence relevant to critical , or UptpDate have compiled a literature review.


Free access to scientific articles
Many publisher are providing free access to scientific articles about the coronavirus. Check out Novel Coronavirus Information Center provided by Elsevier, or Springer Nature.
You can also check out Wiley Online Library and their information about the coronavirus.
You can search for other articles about the virus with Pubmed or Google Scholar.


Search for literature
Ovid has developed a search box which quickly lets you search Ovid Medline and Journals@Ovid for literature about the virus. Leave the search box empty and click the magnifying glass to execute a general expert search for the coronavirus from Wuhan. You can also include other search words (e.g. europe) in your search.