Fishery and Aquaculture cooperation between Chonnam National University in South Korea and UiS

The project “Fishery and Aquaculture Technology in Cold Climate Region” is one of eight projects financed by the High North programme in 2016. The project is coordinated and managed by Prof. Muk Chen Ong. Partners are Chonnam National University (CNU), South Korea, SINTEF, and University of Stavanger.

  • Chonnam visit 2018 classroom
    Prof Muk Chen Ong ( UiS) and Prof. Taeho Kim, Chonnam National University
  • Chonnam visit 2018 meeting room
    Jihoon Lee, Chonnam National University, Muk Chen Ong (UiS), Ahrim Kang, Chonnam National University, Taeho Kim, Chonnam National University, Chun Woo Lee, Pukyong National University, Øystein Lund Bø, Dean, UiS

The long term project objective is to develop a joint master course on Fishery and Aquaculture Technology in Cold Climate Region. As a part of this project, four representatives from CNU visited Stavanger in September. Professors from CNU gave several lectures to master students at UiS about fishery and aquaculture and participated in workshops.

The professors presented topics such as “Dynamic simulation method and application examples for underwater flexible systems”, “Development trends on submersible cage system in Korea”, ” Operations and maintenance aspects for fish farms”  and “Norwegian fisheries and Aquaculture, history and future “. The delegation also visited a Norwegian fish farm at Teistholmen in Ryfylke for a whole day.

- What an exciting day! recalls one of the CNU delegates.

- It was very interesting to see this fish farm in rough sea, rain and wind. The manager, a woman, impressed us not only with her management skills, but also her skills maneuvering a small boat in bad weather and high waves.

The Norwegian project representatives Prof. Muk Chen Ong (project leader, UiS),  Dr. Lin Li (UiS), Dr. Karl Gunnar Aarsæther (SINTEF Ocean), and from South Korea  Dr. Jihoon Lee,( CNU), Prof. Taeho Kim,( CNU) Prof. Chun Woo Lee,( Pukyong National University) including the master student Ahrim Kang,  (CNU) have strengthened the collaboration and plans for new projects have started.

- We are eager to start a new project and to take this collaboration one step further, replies Prof Muk Chen Ong. A new call in the High North Programme is expected later this year, and the plans for a new project has already been  outlined by a very enthusiastic "Fishery and Aquaculture team".