Fresh insights into integrated operations

A new PhD study from the University of Stavanger (UiS) suggests improved methods of planning complex integrated operations.

On Monday, April 29, Yu Bai (33) defends his doctoral thesis in offshore technology at the UiS. His research explores integrated operations (IO), which includes new work processes and methods made possible by technological advances.

Integrated operations have proved themselves useful in development and operations of offshore oil and gas production facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Complex processes
As part of this development, integrated planning (IP) has become a term for new ways of handling complex planning processes.

Bai’s thesis elaborates on the experience and lessons learned from existing IP development and deployment process through a real, practical case.

He also suggests various ways to improve planning practices in complex operations.

These are not limited to specific cases, but can be adapted to different types of oilfields for added value in economic, safety, and environmental terms.

Bai’s PhD thesis is titled «Collaborative work processes in integrated oil and gas production environments: Development and deployment of integrated planning».

Research support
Bai’s research was supervised by prof Jayantha P. Liyanage, who is leading the Centre for industrial asset management (CIAM) at the UiS.

The project was funded by the Norwegian research council, ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS and CIAM.

Portrait photo of PhD student Yu Bai

Yu Bai defends his doctoral thesis at UiS on Monday, April 29.