Hosting congress for top students

This week 170 of Europe's most dedicated mechanical engineering students are visiting the University of Stavanger to meet likeminded people.

Photo of the organisers of EMESCC 2014 in Stavanger The student association AKSEL hosts an international student conference at UiS. From left: Simen Norheim Pedersen, Sigurd Karolius Holand, Anja Husøy Hersel, Edvin Rygh, Magnus Sandvik

The student association AKSEL is hosting the international congress "European Mechanical Engineering Student Council Congress” (EMESCC).

Students from eight different countries will meet at UiS this week to discuss their work, share experiences and to socialize.

–This congress has been planned since January and we look forward to giving the visiting students a warm welcome here on campus, says Anja Husøy Hersel.

She is the leader of AKSEL, the student association for mechanical engineering students at UiS .

Prestigious event
EMESCC is an event for mechanical engineering students from universities throughout Europe. The congress has both academic and social content, and the main purpose is to create an international platform for mechanical engineering students in Europe.

Previously, this congress was arranged in German speaking countries only. In the past three years, however, several others European countries have been invited.

This year AKSEL claimed responsibility for the prestigious event, which starts Wednesday and lasts until Sunday 26th of October.

Sharing ideas
During this week the students can attend various workshops where they will discuss relevant issues and exchange experiences and ideas.

– Visiting students will want to get to know the area and our country. We therefore wish to show the visitors local businesses, as well as some cultural highlights in the region, says Hersel.

Several excursions
The students will spend the evenings together at the “Folken” students’ venue in downtown Stavanger.

The visitors will also get the opportunity to go on excursions to Sub Sea Services, Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Rosenberg, Aarbakke AS, GE's technology center, Norwegian Petroleum Museum and the Science Center “Vitenfabrikken” during their stay.

Showing off the region
– By holding the congress here, we want to contribute to Stavanger’s international recognition. We will also show off our innovative and exciting region through excursions and business presentations. We want to show the visitors the best Stavanger has to offer, says Anja Husøy Hersel.

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