Infection control routines for lecture rooms at UiS

Familiarize yourself with our infection control instructions for classrooms and auditoriums before you arrive at UiS.

Infection control routines for lecture rooms at UiS

Students and staff are personally responsible for safeguarding their own health and to comply with current infection control measures. The UiS has made accommodations to ensure that people can keep a one metre distance in most teaching situations, and the following applies for classrooms and auditoriums:

1. Disinfect hands before entering lecture rooms. Sanitisers can be found at the entrance and inside the room.

2. Do not use seats that are cordoned off or otherwise marked as inaccessible.

3. Comply with official guidelines to prevent infection.

4. Disinfect your seat/surface before lecture. Wipes can be found by the entrance.

5. Cooperate to avoid crowding at entry and exit points.

For supplies refill call 976 96 442

If you still feel unsafe and would like to take additional measures, you should consider wearing a face mask on campus. Face masks can be purchased in the SIS bookshop or in the SIS cafés. In teaching situations where the use of a face mask is either recommended or made mandatory by your faculty, face masks will be provided.

Read more about how to use a face mask correctly. This information is available in 28 languages.

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