Innovative on the internet

The UiS continues to innovate, this time as the first Norwegian university to launch web pages adapted for tablet and mobile viewing.

Web editor Hildegard Nortvedt and web developer Rune Nilssen proudly show the new website on tablet, mobile and pc screen.

In January 2012, the University of Stavanger was the first in Norway with a website specially adapted for mobile phones. While this solution has clear benefits for the growing number of mobile web surfers, it also has limitations: You can, in practice, only give access to a limited selection of information.

Today’s internet users expect access to the full content of a website, regardless of the device they are using to visit it. However, it can be very fiddly to navigate a large website on a small screen.

«The answer to this challenge is so-called responsive web design – functionality which seamlessly adjusts the content to different screen sizes. This solution makes many demands upon those building the website but, when done right, offers a far superior experience for users» says web editor Hildegard Nortvedt.

The new design also opens new possibilities when it comes to YouTube integration and using large pictures. Not least, it provides more space for information about the university and its activities.

The University of Stavanger hopes these changes will enhance the user experience. For any feedback about the website or its content, please send an e-mail to the web editor.