Intensive program in Joensuu, Finland

As part of the NORDERP project on ‘Northern Embrace for Enterprise Resource Planning System’, 10 students from the University of Stavanger participated in the Intensive program at Karelia University in Joensuu, Finland.

Group picture from the study trip

It was a weeklong program during the end of March, with 5 lecturers and a total of 32 students from Norway, Finland and Estonia. This is the 3rdand final intensive program (IP) as part of the project.

IP1 and IP2 in 2018

The first IP was also in Karelia University with focus on Lean six sigma basics, ERP basics, Lemon-soft ERP software and Lego simulation games. The IP2 was in Estonia where participants looked into a pop-up factory work. 

IP3: Combining gaming and learning!

The 3rd intensive program was on operation management, enterprise resource planning, process design and optimization, lean thinking and simulations. Gamification of these systems made learning easier for the participants. Through simulated gaming, the students learned to manage a good and effective system from order to final product delivery. 

Company visits

Participants had the chance to visit John Deere and Jetcon to get an insight about the value of simulation that can predict real system changes among other benefits. Through simulation, real savings with minimum risk and maximum possibilities is achieved. 


UiS students that were from SV and TN faculty travelled to Joensuu with Senior Engineering Yaaseen Amith. They came back with positive words from the intensive course. Through practical teamwork and gaming, the participants reported increased insight into previously learned theory that will be beneficial to them in the workplace. 

The Karelia University in Joensuu have 3000 students and about 300 staff. Nordplus Horizontal program funds the NORDERP project (link to external website) in collaboration with Karelia University, University of Stavanger and Estonian University of Life Science. Prof. Chandima Ratnayake is the project coordinator at UiS.