«Maria Paula is my Master thesis»

«Maria Paula is my Master thesis» Felipe Rios from Colombia jokingly declares.

Felipe, Sara Sofia, Maryory and Maria Paula Felipe, Sara Sofia, Maryory and Maria Paula

He enjoys an informal lunch together with his family after the Master ceremony at the Institute of science and technology at the University of Stavanger. Felipe has just received the proof that he has completed his master studies at the Department of petroleum engineering.

Maria Paula attended the event together with her five year old sister Sara Sofia and their mother Maryory, who praises her kids for behaving through the two and a half hour long programme. After the event, though, there was lots of space and plenty of food to explore, and the two sisters in red dresses were easily spotted in the post-ceremonial crowd.

A young veteran

“I’ve been in the oil and gas industry for about 11 years, working in completion engineering for service companies around the globe. I started in my home country Colombia with Halliburton, then I was transferred to Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. A job in Schlumberger eventually took me back to my home country” he says.

“I do believe it's never too late to follow and chase ones dreams, as was just referred to in the ceremony  speech, even if it requires moving out of one’s comfort zone. The mind shows what the heart wants, and I am following my ambition to explore energy resources in deep water and in the Arctic” Felipe from tropical Colombia proudly states.  

Embraces Stavanger

Felipe came to Stavanger in 2009 for a short technical training and immediately fell in love with the city, he says. A previous colleague had just finished his PhD at Uis and recommended him to pursue their postgraduate studies.  

“Luckily my family embraced Stavanger and the Norwegian society. Their support made it possible for me to embark on my dream project, which was an MSc in Petroleum Engineering, specializing in well engineering” says Felipe.

“Thank you”

“I want to thank Norway for the opportunity to learn from such a great culture, Stavanger for the green, calm and safe inspiration - and for being the birthplace of my little baby.”

He also appreciates UiS’ innovative approach to the studies and he thanks the entire Department of Petroleum Engineering for the great educational curriculum and professional staff.

“I have enjoyed learning from my classmates and friends who have been coming from different cultures worldwide, and whom I hope to meet again in the near future in challenging new projects” Felipe concludes. 

Text and pictures: Lars Gunnar Dahle

The UiS venue Tjodhallen

The UiS venue Tjodhallen