New courses on gender equality and human rights

Are you interested in learning about the effects of Nordic gender equality politics? Or about the development of human rights? The UiS now offers new courses that cover these topics.

Nordic models for gender equality and welfare is the name of two different courses for bachelor and master students. They will give an overview of how the Nordic countries work for gender equality and how this policy area is linked to family policies, work-life policies, social policies and in general the Nordic welfare state regimes.

The courses will study variations amongst the Nordic countries, and give a critical approach to what results the policies have for the Nordic societies. They will also focus on the current challenges for gender equality in Norway.

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The ideas behind humans rights
The course Multidisciplinary perspectives on human rights will focus on the ideas behind human rights , their emergence and development into the global community especially in terms of corporate social responsibility and international conflicts.

The course will address current discussions on oil production, the production of biofuels versus food, personal freedom versus collective security, national sovereignty versus international obligations all with a focus on international human rights.

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Red lights. Woman and man.

Illustration photo: Morten Berentsen