New hubs for industry cooperation

Centre for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) has successfully established four knowledge hubs for cooperation between the university and businesses.

The hubs are meeting places that provide a professional environment to bring diverse expertise, know-how, up-to-date information, and professional challenges to a common interactive forum for learning and innovation.

With great involvement from industrial partners, four such hubs were established during 2012:

Human capital and organisational development

Data management and information systems

Operations and maintenance

Safety and risk governance

The centre also look forward to establish few more professional hubs during 2013, including; Economics and financial decision making, Regulators, Subsea and marine operations, Technology and innovation, and Project engineering and management.

CIAM today has 16 industrial partners, and is one of the core R&D centres at UiS with close cooperation with oil and gas and land-based industry in the region.

CIAM had a very successful year of 2012 with a number of excellent achievements in terms of collaborative projects, publications, education, and dedicated tasks towards the competence development in partner organisations.

Recently, a new board for the centre was elected for the 2013-2014 period. The new board consists of:
Egil Brastad Hansen, Kverneland Group
Jan Kjetil Moberg, Ptil
Lars Engvik, RC Consultants
Thom Fosselie, DNV
Rune Jåsund, ConocoPhillips
Nils Martin Rugsveen, Statoil
Ola Trætteberg, Gassco (vara)
Kristian Bay Næss, BP (vara)
Faisal Dahman, Aker Solutions (vara)

For more information, visit the centre’s website (external link).